Sunday, June 20, 2010

Wknd: Assembled and launched balsa airplane

I purchased two, having working knowledge of the strength of this classic toy. On my first test flight ( I had to try it out before the boys were around, just to make sure it worked, and didn't disappoint the dudes. 
SKY STREAK 1. Went so-so, but on the fourth launch, the rubber band powered vehicle ended up on the roof, they way highest point of the house.
WATER ROCKET 1. The boys were around so I busted out the Water Rocket (not pictured), but by the third launch, the pumped was already busted, so that sucked.
SKY STREAK 2. Was a semi-success with all kinds of tweaking and changing of trajectory and wing levels. It was good fun until wiles, in an attempt to really catch some height, gave it hard launch and busted the tail right off!! We managed to fix it up and we back on the flight schedule.

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