Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Not so tranquil

I made it!!

Oh crap, it's St.Patricks day

Hot enough for ya!?!

Curly attempts a shower last night for the first time in days. No hot
water, she blames the washing machine. I roll over and go back to sleep.

Wake this morning good and early ready to catch the 8:57 train. Still
no hot water. Head to the basement to check the water heater as if
that will help. Pilot light is on, this much I can tell. Not sure
what's what, so I begin to read the instructions on the labels.

The graphics of blistered red hot hands and sticked-figured guys
flying backwards, warning me of "possible scalding" "explosions" "etc"
make me feel a little woozy as I roll around the frigid basement in my
towel looking for clues.

After many trips up and down the stairs making calls to plumbers
looking to rip me off and finding all the same bullshit DIY info and
internets videos on how to re-light the pilot I decide and finish
reading the instructions all the way thru. Upon further examination I
discover that someone has simply switched the gas to the "off" position.

Water isn't even near warm yet, it's actually freezing, but I get wet
enough to call myself clean, and rush the family in to the car to
shuttle me to the 9:57 train with 2minutes to spare. Can't stop
thinking about getting my own set of wheels.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

One giant step

Walked on to my snowless grass yard for the first ime as a homeowner.
Felt pretty dant good. Kicked a soccer ball.
Dean and the dudes spent the day out here lunch and all.


First set

Holy Shift



Second set

May be time for another mode of transport. Missed the 906 so now I'm
standing at the platform waiting for the 957. Couldn't muster the
nerve to wake a sleeping dean and babe after her long day and nite
without me. I'm thinking a simple moped as a band-aid fix. Might be
kinda fun cept when it rains.