Friday, March 5, 2010

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Monday, March 1, 2010


Absolute Precision came by this morning for an assessment of the chimney situation. Theyre giviing me a quote of 5k to fix the whole thing. Wait, did you just say 5K!!! HOLY SHIT!


A really amazing group of pals stopped by for drinks and a heartfelt "send-off" Friday at UnionHall. It really was touching and I'm praying that 1hr10minutes of distance wont separate me from my peoples. 

With this move and all the chaos surrounding it, I was reminded just how awesome my friends really are. Non stop support and going above and beyond the call of friendship. Special shout out to  Joe, Eric, Deej, Heather, Stacey, Jarret for pitching in and putting themselves out. 
Love you all so much.


Turns out the car has a blown alternator, that took out the battery. That explains the dead car. And of course they think the front end struts should be replaced. The Civic is out in brooklyn, and will require me to go out there for pickup. Cost: $1200

Luckily Deanie wasn't stranded out in Brooklyn, and thanks to the kindness of JB she was able to borrow a ride back up to The Big House. I got to deliver the car back to it's rightful owner, which meant my first commute to work was a pleasant drive to work. City traffic sucked, and I saw a dead owl on the side of the FDR. Sad and odd.

Oh and holy shit, in the middle of all this MOBIZZO went live this morning!!!
Let the gaming begin!!!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Bleeding Walls: Update

Ahh, yet another wrench

Just got word that Deanies Sunday jaunt into the city to close things
up, has now resulted in a dead car. Hopefully that TripA membership
will finally pay off.

Now suddenly realizing that I'm a little bit stranded out here, with
the dudes. Also every car that passes or noise I hear outside results
with me running to the window to see what's what.

Not used to this kind of exposure. City boy has some adjusting to do.


Old furnace

Scrap metal guys and former owner of 131 stop by to remove old
furnace. They decide to disassemble it before moving it. This requires
the dull side of an axe, and lots of muscle. They got the job done.
Ears still ringing even though I was sitting on the sideline and
watching. One thing off the "to-do" list


How's the move going?

Day One: Oh Snap!!!

Snapping skills and not really sure whats going on here.

Boxes everywhere

Kitchen: FUBAR
Sitting room: FUBAR
Eric saves the day.
Always time for a little play.
And some "unpacking"

Above ground view

I scooched the sofa near the window so the dudes could get a better view.

More room for...

Ash takes advantage of the new found space as he is quickly surrounded by an ever growing wall of boxes.

Snow blind

After a greuling 7hr pack and load out in brooklyn, I hop the metro-north to beacon. Call to check-in on deanie, turns out she cant even get to the house since theres about 3ft of snow. Thats like 3/5 her height. Luckily my step-sis came by to save the day. They shovel a path to the house only to discover that the powers out, as it is in half the county. Luckily our power somehow flickers back on after an hour. Then the movers arrive, and I make it back for load out.